Automation equipment

The company mainly engages in the design and production of high-precision components required for various military and new energy fields; Single machine equipment design, production, and installation; A series of advanced high-end products, including the design, production, and installation of various high-performance automated logistics lines.

Vertical warehouse stacker

Stacking crane refers to a special crane that uses forks or string rods as a fetching device to grab, handle and stack or pick and place unit goods from high-rise shelves in warehouses, workshops, etc. The main function of the stacking crane is to run back and forth in the passage of the three-dimensional warehouse, store the goods located at the roadway entrance into the cargo compartment of the shelf, or take out the goods in the cargo compartment and transport them to the roadway mouth and the supporting logistics line.

Technical parameters

Load capacity


Brake mode

Electromagnetic braking

Conveying powerMotor

Running speed


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