Automation equipment

The company mainly engages in the design and production of high-precision components required for various military and new energy fields; Single machine equipment design, production, and installation; A series of advanced high-end products, including the design, production, and installation of various high-performance automated logistics lines.

Three-row chain conveyor

A chain conveyor line can also be referred to as a chain line. The chain conveyor line is a device that uses the chain as the traction and carrier to transport materials, and the chain can be used as an ordinary sleeve roller conveyor chain, or as well as various other special chains (such as accumulation chain and double speed chain). The chain conveyor line mainly conveys pallets, large turnover boxes, etc.
The chain conveyor line is a widely used assembly line conveying equipment, and the chain conveyor line is a non-standard equipment, which can be customized by customers according to their needs.

Technical parameters

Load capacity


Brake mode

Electromagnetic braking

Conveying powerMotor

Running speed

Chain specificationsChain with top plate

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