Automation equipment

The company mainly engages in the design and production of high-precision components required for various military and new energy fields; Single machine equipment design, production, and installation; A series of advanced high-end products, including the design, production, and installation of various high-performance automated logistics lines.

Automatic baler

Function: The automatic strapping machine can realize automatic baling, the principle of which is to use plastic packing tape to wrap the product or package, and then tighten and connect the two ends through the thermal effect of melting.
Application: Widely used in food, medicine, hardware, chemical, clothing, postal and other industries.

Technical parameters

Packing belt material


Packing speed


PackagingSide hot melt type

Drive mode

Motor drive

Packing and strapping force

5-85KGVehicle color

Spray according to the needs of customers

Control mode

Touch screen + buttons

Security protection

Three-color warning lights

Open the door to alarm and shut down

Emergency stop switch

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