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The high-end development of China's machine tool industry is the main trend

2023.12.12 Editor: ZHONGBO Hits:0

Under the current situation, it is imperative for China's machine tool industry to become high-end. The level of development of the machine tool industry to a certain extent represents the country's strength in all aspects and affects its world status. At present, China's machine tool industry is undergoing a new round of industrial optimization and upgrading, with high-end machine tools being one of its key development goals. The path of high-end machine tools in China is vigorously unfolding.

At present, China has become a major producer and demander of global machine tools, but most of the domestic machine tools are mainly ordinary machine tools, with low coverage of CNC technology. Accelerating the popularization of CNC technology will be an important means to solve industrial problems such as weak product competitiveness, thin profits, and serious product homogenization in Chinese local machine tool enterprises.

Compared with advanced enterprises in Germany, Japan, and the United States, there is still a significant gap between Chinese machine tool enterprises. In addition, although some Chinese enterprises have developed mid to high end CNC machine tools, most of them are still assembled based on the main body manufacturing of domestic machine tools and imported key functional components, which does not fully indicate that we have mastered the overall research and development technology and manufacturing technology of mid to high end CNC machine tools and key functional components. Affected by research and development capabilities, 80% of domestic high-end CNC systems, 90% of high-end CNC systems, and 85% of high-end CNC machine tools still rely on imports from abroad.

In order for China's machine tool industry to achieve the transformation of CNC machine tool products from low-end to high-end and from primary product processing to high-precision and cutting-edge product manufacturing as soon as possible, it must be guided by market demand, with the development of CNC machine tools as the mainstay, the main engine as the leader, and the improvement of supporting facilities as the foundation. Industry insiders have also proposed four perspectives for the high-end development of the machine tool industry.

1、 Explore new CNC machine tool markets or upgrade existing CNC machine tool markets, drive the upgrading, transformation, and elimination of ordinary and semi-automatic machine tools, vigorously stimulate domestic demand for CNC machine tools, and drive the rapid upgrading of the high-end machine tool industry.

2、 Actively implementing the national science and technology special project for high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, creating a domestic environment for independent innovation of technology, market-oriented, enterprise themed, and based on scientific research institutions, comprehensively driving innovation in China's high-tech.

3、 Grasp technological transformation and promote the overall upgrading of the industrialization of medium and high-end CNC machine tools. Fully utilize national preferential policies such as interest subsidies for technological transformation, focus on key areas, strengthen management, improve the input-output ratio of funds, lay a solid foundation, and provide long-term development for technological innovation.

4、 Strengthen enterprise management, save costs, improve efficiency. CNC machine tool enterprises should start from strengthening internal management, carry out cost-effective and efficient actions, maintain reasonable operation of capital flow, reasonable allocation of human resources, avoid labor and financial harm, and ensure the normal operation of the enterprise.

After years of low-end development, China's machine tools now urgently need to enhance product competitiveness, create high value-added products, and pursue a high-end development path. As the source machinery of the mechanical manufacturing industry, machine tools will follow a high-end path as their processing difficulty increases. The machine tool industry is driven by the development of high-tech aviation manufacturing, and the localization technology level of high-end machine tools will continue to improve. However, the overall technical level of high-end machine tools in China still needs to be improved. In the coming years of development, China's machine tool industry will focus on vigorously enhancing independent innovation capabilities and improving industrialization levels, Ultimately, accelerate the upgrading of the machine tool industry.

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