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Four Major Technologies Becoming the Future Development Direction of Machine Tools

2023.12.12 Editor: ZHONGBO Hits:0

High speed has always been the goal pursued by CNC machine tools. Since 1990, European and American countries have applied new machine tool kinematic theories and advanced driving technologies to optimize machine tool structures, improve functional component performance, lightweight mobile components, and reduce motion friction. The application of high-speed machining technology has shortened cutting time and auxiliary time, achieving high quality and efficiency in machining and manufacturing. Precision has become an important performance parameter of CNC machine tools. By optimizing the structure of the machine tool, the precision of manufacturing and assembly has been improved, and the reaction time of CNC and servo systems has been reduced. The use of temperature and vibration error compensation technologies has improved the geometric and motion accuracy of CNC machine tools. At present, the machining accuracy of ordinary CNC machine tools can reach 5 to 10 micrometers, and precision level machining centers can reach 1 to 1.5 micrometers; The precision of ultra precision machining centers can reach the nanometer level. Integration is also one of the most important development trends in CNC machine tool technology. After 2010, CNC machine tools have been closely integrated with intelligent technology and network technology, and can be remotely controlled and diagnosed through the Internet, laying the foundation for CNC machine tools to integrate into the era of the Internet of Things. Greenization has become a new direction in the design, manufacturing, and use of CNC machine tools. Countries are gradually incorporating greenification into their research and development scope, such as using a large amount of renewable materials in the design process; During the work process, use frequency conversion technology to reduce idle speed and energy consumption; Reduce waste emissions by more than 50% during the use of CNC machine tools. High speed, precision, integration, and greenization have become the direction of technological development in the CNC machine tool industry. In terms of equipment level, processing range, processing quality, and production efficiency, the global CNC machine tool industry has made revolutionary progress, playing a crucial role in improving the level of high-end manufacturing. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, China will continue to invest and increase efforts, with major special projects driving investment of over 10 billion yuan annually. Not only has it driven the market development of domestically produced CNC machine tools, their CNC systems, and related functional components in China, but it also provides excellent opportunities for domestic CNC system manufacturers to continuously develop their own technology and expand the market.

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