Automation equipment

The company mainly engages in the design and production of high-precision components required for various military and new energy fields; Single machine equipment design, production, and installation; A series of advanced high-end products, including the design, production, and installation of various high-performance automated logistics lines.

Telescopic transplanting machine

Telescopic forks (or automatic telescopic forks) are the primary organization for storing and retrieving items on stacker cranes in flat storage. They have automatic telescopic and limiting functions! It is directly installed on the stacker crane (lifting and moving channels), and the stacker crane runs through the alleys between the shelves to complete the automatic storage and retrieval of items (it can also be installed on a fixed workbench or a mobile elevator)
The telescopic fork can be integrated with the consumer line system and enterprise management system, using computer and barcode skills (encoders) to complete information operation and management, truly saving manpower, energy conservation and consumption reduction!

Technical Parameter

Transplantation powermotor driveLoad capacity1000KG(MAX)
Transfer load brakingElectromagnetic brakingInput height≥2500MM
Transplantation distance2.5MLifting powercylinder
Whole machine color

Spray molding according to customer needs

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